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ADIBIO is a Science-based company active in Animal Health, Nutrition and Herbal Medicine. The unique way in which we apply Life Sciences disciplines, technologies and talents results on nutraceutical preparations containing a complex mixture of different compounds with synergistic or complementary effects. We deliver natural solutions that nourish, protect and improve animal performance in global feed & Health markets, contributing to a more sustainable farming.

It is part of the TERVALIS business group, which has an important presence in the Spanish agri-food sector, with companies such as Fertinagro Biotech S.L. (fertilizers), Global Feed S.L. (phosphates for animal nutrition), livestock (Portesa S.L., Terraiberica S.L.) and meat (Cartesa S.L.), within a circular economy scheme that has allowed the development of the AENOR certification for Antibiotic Free Animal Production, which gives an important added value to Jamones Airesano and Delicater.

Managing the interdependencies between active ingredients, forms and premixes, which have important implications for innovation, logistics, and value delivery, is a core competence of ADIBIO. We are involved in three steps of the value chain: the selection of raw materials, their incorporation into sophisticated forms, and the provision of tailored premixes and specialty complementary feed.

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